Hamer Ginseng & Coffee Candy 汗马精力糖

Hamer Candy is developed by Sino-USA Technology using excellent technology to perfectly combine the extraction of Cynomorium songaricum polysaccharide with hydrolyzed amino acids to accomplish the best curative effect. The therapeutic effect of Cynomorium songaricum extracted from this advanced technology far exceeds those normal Cynomorium songaricm.

Hamer Ginseng & Coffee Candy contains Cynomorium songaricum which is rich in 15 types of amino acids, triterpene sapogenin, natural glucocorticoid hormone, 23 types of trace elements and various types of antioxidant. Sufficient intake of amino acids will improve our body’s function and maintain a healty and happy life. Amino acid will be consumed during daily metabolism. Using supplement of amino acid from Hamer especially during exercise, will quickly make your body more active and strong.


Ginseng is popularly known for its natural health values; Improve immune system, , body metabolism and the synthesis of red blood cells. Ginseng helps to strengthen heart muscle, relieves fatigue and prevents aging.

Hydrolyzed Protein
Protein is needed by the human body for basic structuring of cells and regeneration of tissues. Hydrolyzed protein enhances the body absorption of nutrients.

Pomegranate (Punica granatum) is a very ancient fruit; mentioned in the Homeric Hymns and the Book of Exodus. It is consumed for its powerful oxidatant, anti-mutagenic effect which also help to suppress cancerous cells from multiplying.

Malt is commonly used in food for its natural source of alpha and beta amylase, betaglucanase, and other enzymes to stimulate appetite, increase stamina and nourish the skin.

Do you know that almost all processes in biological cells need enzymes to occur at significant rates? Enzymes promotes production of new cells and decomposes body toxins, wastes, fat and glycogen to produce energy.

Coffee has a stimulating effect which elevates alertness. Today, coffee is the third most popular drink in the world, after water and tea.

Brown Sugar
Brown sugar is a natural sweetener that adds taste to the food. It is a sucrose sugar product with a distinctive brown colour due to the presence of molasses.

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汗马精糖 (Hamer Candy) 是由独特的配方制成,主要成份锁阳含有细胞健康所需的营养,如15种氨基酸,三萜皂甙,天然的糖皮质激素,23种微量元素及多种抗自由基成份。氨基酸用于制造抗体蛋白以对抗细菌和病菌的侵染,制造血红蛋白以传送氧气,制造酶和激素以 维持和调节陈新代谢。人在陈新代谢的过程中,会产生一些副产品,如自由基,自由基存在人体细胞,这是造成基因变异及致癌的主要因素。人年轻时抗自由基能力 较强,自由基不会对人体构成威胁。随着人年龄的大增,抗击自由基能力下降,体内自由基的浓度就会越高,自由基游离在细胞间,导致细胞氧化,甚至死亡。汗马 (Hamer) 里的石榴多酵和锁阳里的机酸,黄酮类,柑橘素等就是抗自由基的有效成份。

另外,锁阳里的糖皮质激素具有调节糖,脂肪,和蛋白质的生物合成和代谢的作用,还具有抗炎作用。此外,Hamer 里的三萜皂甙能增加细胞免疫功能,促进抗体以及促进淋巴系统的转化。还能增加NK细胞以增强抗癌功能。细胞衰老是抗体衰老的基础,而三萜皂甙具有延缓细胞衰老的功能,并达到延长细胞寿命的效果。

Hamer 含有人參皂甙及水解蛋白,能迅速补充细胞的所消耗的能量与蛋白质,快速补充人体的爆发力和耐力。而由麦芽糖分解的低聚糖能与磷脂组合,能提供细胞的动力工厂 ”线粒体” 产生能量,而且又可以阻止有害物入侵,改善细胞内循环。



人参的自然健康价值是众人所熟知; 改善免疫系统,人体的新陈代谢和综合红血球。 人参有助于加强心脏肌肉, 减轻疲劳与抗老化。


蛋白质是人体所需以结构细胞的基能与肌肉重组。 水解蛋白质可增强身体吸收营养成分的功能。


石榴 (Punica Granatum) 是一种十分古老的水果即在圣歌《格萨尔王传》和《出埃及记》中所提到。 石榴含有高的氧化剂, 反诱变效应, 也有助于抑制癌细胞的繁殖。


麦芽是一种常用的食品因其天然来源的 Alpha 和 Beta 淀粉酶、Betaglucanase 和其他酵素可激发食欲, 增加体力和滋养皮肤。


你可知道几乎所有生物细胞的流程都需要酵素吗? 酵素能促进细胞的生产和分解身体毒素、废物、脂肪和肝糖以产生能量。


咖啡有刺激效应而提高警觉性。在于水和茶相比, 咖啡如今被列为世界第三最受欢迎的饮品。

红糖是一种天然的甜味剂, 而增加了食物的口感。 它是一种糖的蔗糖具有糖蜜独特的棕色。