Hamer Candy is a health candy made from natural ingredients. It uses its latest and advanced technology developed by the Sino-USA Collaboration Technology research center at Alabama University Medical faculty in USA to ferment, concentrate and refine the ingredients.

Hamer Candy promotes natural health values supplying sufficient nutrients to our body cells and sexual enhancement without any side effects. It helps to regulate body metabolism, fuel up the body energy hence reduces fatigue. Hamer Candy is non-toxic and has deemed to be safe for consumption.

What is in Hamer Candy? The “Ginseng In The Desert”, Cynomorium songaricum is one of the main active ingredients in the candy. Using its advanced technology, Cynomorium songaricum is processed with Hydrolysed protein and enzymes from prebiotics to Zymosis and syrup. It is further mixed with Ginseng extract, Malt and other natural ingredients

“Ginseng In The Desert” 

Cynomorium Songaricum

Hamer Candy is made from one of the main ingredients of Cynomorium Songaricum, the “Ginseng In The Desert”. It has been medically recognised as “Herb of Longevity”. The Ginseng grows in the desert with unique geographic terrain with extreme climate having the difference in temperature between day and night, in which it could achieve more than 100oC (the highest is 82.3oC, the lowest is -20oC). Thus, this species is only found in the nature with its precious value as it impossible to be cultivated by human until now.

Cynomorium Songaricum is a rhizophilous whereby it parasitizes on the root of Nitraria. It is a monoecious plant where its stigma will receive the pollen from the same individual plant. The reproduction process of Cynomorium Songaricum is quite similar to human. The seed of Cynomorium Songaricum is very tiny and it looks alike human’s zygote cell under microscope. It will appear above the ground in May and June and begins to ripen in July or August.

Why Cynomorium Songaricum is Precious?

Cynomorium songaricum is rare and very precious among the Chinese traditional herbs. The efficacy of Cynomorium songaricum was recorded a few hundred years ago in the Sheng Nong’s Herbal classic and existed more than 2000 years ago in the Merida Theory in Huangdi Neijing.

Amazingly, Cynomorium songaricum were recorded centuries ago in Compendium of Materia Medica: to be therapeutic in sexual enhancement, nourishes bone and muscle, prevents dryness, moisturizes the intestine and relaxes bowels. This herb is useful on individuals who suffer such symptoms like impotence, weakness on muscle and bone, cold pain of the joints and knees, constipation and the list of health benefits continues.

Time of harvesting Cynomorium songaricum is crucial. It can only be harvested once a year at a very precise period, which is within 14 days after ripening. This is important as the root of ripened Cynomorium songaricum will produce white worms if the harvest delays. Unfortunately, these white worms will consume the inner part of the plant from bottom until it becomes an empty shell at outer part. At the same time, Cynomorium songaricum will excrete a balmy odour which will attract the animals in the desert to devour the plant itself.