Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hamer Candy natural?

Yes, Hamer is a pure natural health food which promotes health values supplying sufficient nutrients to our body cells and sexual enhancement without any side effects. It helps to regulate body metabolism hence reduces fatigue.

Is Hamer safe to the human body? Are there any provable certificates?

Hamer is safe to be consumed. All the ingredients in Hamer are food from natural ingredients. Moreover, its research has been done by hospital staffs since 15 years ago. This research involved 13,500 participants with 153 test reports that has concretely proven that Hamer is non-toxic without any side effect.

Test reports from ALS Laboratory Group in Singapore have also indicated that Hamer does not contain aphrodisiac, western medicines or illegal drugs.

What are the favourable results of consuming Hamer?

Hamer promotes general health of reducing fatigue, expedites blood circulation and energizes our body. Hamer helps active people in sports to boost up power and in stamina recovery of muscles speedily. Hamer enhances the quality of couple sexual life in a natural manner.

Who is not suitable to consume Hamer?

Hamer is safe to be consumed. However, children, pregnant women and women in breast feeding are not encouraged. Patients with Chronic diseases such as cardiovascular heart disease, liver and kidney disease, brain cancer disease should take caution and it is best to consult their respective doctors.

How long does it take for Hamer to show its efficacy?

In most cases, consumers will experience favourable effect within 7 days of consumption. The result is clear when consumers practice a creditably couple life.

What to do if children accidentally have consumed Hamer?

It doesn’t matter. This product is safe to be consumed without any toxic content. No special treatment is required if the children have consumed Hamer accidentally.

Can Hamer be consumed for long term?

Yes. The turnover of our body cells is progressing over the period of time; With the long term consumption of Hamer, it helps in maintaining the body general health to be more energetic.

Is consumption of Hamer addictive?


Can Hamer be consumed together with other products?


How to consume Hamer?

Just take 1 candy each in the morning and night. It is more effective if Hamer is consumed with an empty stomach.

Can I drink alcohol after consuming Hamer?

Upon drinking any alcoholic drinks, please allow at least 4 hours of rest or “gap time” before consuming Hamer.

Can women consume Hamer?

Yes. Hamer is a total nutriment for the body cells without any gender bias. Hamer promotes natural health benefits that can also help to improve women’s health and reduce fatigue effectively.

What if the consumers experience symptoms of a pain on the waist and back or even dizziness after consuming Hamer?

Hamer is an overall nutriment which improves productivity of the body cells and elevates metabolism rate of cells.

The glucocorticoid hormone in Cymonorium songaricum can enhance the metabolism of body system by activating our body cells to absorb sufficient nutrients and energy.

These enhancement processes will evocate various reactions such as waist and back pain or dizziness to certain consumers on a case-to-case basis. However, such symptoms are considered short-term reactions which will vanish after 1 week of consumption.

Can a diabetic patient consume Hamer?

The sweet taste in Hamer is made from pure natural malt. However, severe diabetic patients are recommended to consult a doctor.

Why is Hamer in a candy form?

Research has shown that the nutrients can be absorbed directly through the tongue. This helps to retain its natural health values without denaturized it especially during the digestion in the stomach. Also, Hamer Candy is available in individual packs ideally convenient for you to replenish energy just anytime and anywhere.